The principals of 601W oversee one of America’s leading private real estate acquisitions, ownership, development, and management portfolios in the country. Over the past twenty-five years, 601W has acquired many substantial and well-known commercial properties throughout the country, aggregating more than forty-five million square feet with a collective value in excess of $12 billion. In relation to these deals, 601W has raised more than $3 billion in equity, mostly from longstanding investors, and has consummated transactions involving fifty major offices buildings, including twelve in Manhattan.


The local properties of 601W are managed from its main offices in New York City, located at the Starrett-Lehigh Building. All major management, leasing, financing, and sales decisions are made by the principals of 601W. The day-to-day operations of nationwide properties are managed by major real estate firms such as JLL, CBRE, Transwestern, and Hines. These managers work under the supervision of the principals of 601W, and communicate with their asset managers on a daily basis.



Graduated from Bernard M. Baruch College and Fordham Law School. Mr. Silberberg is a real estate attorney with over twenty-five years of experience in transactional commercial real estate, and has been actively involved with 601W Companies and many of its affiliated entities as a managing member for the past 15 years. He is also the founder and principal of Berkley Properties LLC, as well as a senior partner at Manhattan-based law firm Silberberg & Kirschner LLP.


Graduated from New York University and Yale Law School. Mr. Gerstein has been practicing real estate law for over 40 years in Manhattan and has worked together with Mr. Karasick since 1995. He is a founding member and partner of Gerstein Strauss&Rinaldi, a New York City law firm specializing in real estate law.


Has served as a principal in real estate management and development for close to three decades, with the last 20 years focused on syndicating large commercial properties. At 601W, he heads a team of highly experienced professionals, assembled to conduct the acquisition, development, leasing and management of the properties that comprise 601W. Mr. Karasick, a graduate of Yeshiva University and several of its graduate schools, has had input in all major aspects affecting the properties, and has overseen the extraordinary growth and success of 601W from its inception.


For the next several years, 601W will seek to take advantage of the enormous opportunities associated with a prosperous real estate market, using its considerable experience and acumen to acquire properties at well below their fair value. The company plans to target assets similar to those it currently owns through outright acquisitions, the purchase of distressed debt, and participation in other unique opportunities that may arise. In the past, 601W has been able to meet its equity capital needs from a roster of high-net-worth individuals. Recently, in several very large transactions, 601W has also partnered with institutional equity investors. The company continues to enjoy exceptional relationships with its institutional partners and lenders. 601W believes that the capital requirements in the future will be much greater than in the past, and is looking to form strategic alliances with additional sources of capital for both debt and equity.

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